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The Trafficked Women Need Special Help

Trafficking and sexual exploitation of women is one of the twenty-first century slavery against which it is very difficult to fight in our country. There is a European legal framework that penalizes this type of traffic and can prosecute gangs, which have adhered most European countries except Spain. Our government remains ambiguous on the issue of prostitution with a law providing for specific measures but that no date of approval in parliament.

trafficked women

Not only do we see on our streets after dark. Also in broad daylight, and walking the roads, waiting alone behind the wheel to see a new customer. Apparently supporting themselves in their own way, and stigmatized by it, but behind them lies the second business in the world, and although many may not admit aloud are trafficked and abused with impunity, the conditions of inferiority in surviving.

These seminars have been organized by the Project SICAR, Faculty of Education, University of Barcelona, with the aim of providing a space for awareness and awareness of one of them new forms of contemporary slavery: The phenomenon of trafficking in women the purpose of sexual exploitation and to provide analysis tools for detection and intervention required in this operation from a holistic perspective.

Also been presented the experiences of comprehensive intervention models to combat trafficking and help prostitutes. SICAR representatives have spoken (in Catalonia), Project Hope in Madrid, the work of women Arising from East and pimping in the Raval district in Barcelona, working in clubs and roads as well as aid projects and integration of the City of Barcelona: Abits, and attention to socio SURT.

Itziar Ruiz-Gimenez, of Amnesty International in the Basque Country, has differentiated between smuggling and trafficking, words are sometimes confused and do not mean the same thing. Traffic is moving people from one country to another for profit. The relationship between people, women and traffickers, just leave them once these at the agreed place. The question is something more complex is the control of a mafia of a certain group of women they sexually exploit and keep them tied to their network. "The most important question, clarifies Ruiz - Giménez, is not that women have been deceived or not, but once connected to these networks can not leave them, why they should pay their debt, by threats or surveillance pure and simple.

You have to change stereotypes about prostitution

Antonio Rivas González, one of the leaders of Project Hope in Madrid, he defended as for the rest of the speakers, it is not only prosecute trafficking and sexual exploitation of women, which in one way or another, will doing, but changing the stereotypes that have on this phenomenon can not be distinguished from so radically between the voluntary or otherwise, in the practice of prostitution, because what choice you may be asked to women who have left their countries to escape poverty?. Stigmatization and rejection of what they do only serves to hinder help.

Jordan Encarnacion, project SICAR and belonging to the Adorers of Barcelona, explained how this secular congregation has helped women suffering exclusion from the nineteenth century: "Our model of intervention focuses on explain-intervene in the defense of human rights. In this case, the rights of sexually exploited women.

To them has been very important to facilitate the placement and touching on the concept of "human warmth" very important for women to overcome the period of slavery, and move to decide. For years, develop SICAR to bridge between the two stages of assistance where the woman wants to get out of prostitution and other exits when searching for your life. "Of the 65 women who have served in 2007," he says, 20% returned to their country, 60% were reinserted in jobs, and more than half of them keep their jobs. Have been employed mainly as clerks, housekeeping, receptionists, and so on. Some turned to prostitution freely and most of them still maintain contact with us. "

However, the difficulties specific to Jordan to work directly with the issue are enormous. "They can not be exploited women require them to denounce the mafia, because life threatening and their families." There is an article of the Law on Foreigners, 59, which is very controversial and ambiguous, because although promised special protection for witnesses and papers and provides them with residence, in reality it is not so: "We must articulate effective measures -- Jordan defends "that protect victims, and providing for their future reintegration. Without a passport, paperless change of activity is almost impossible. "

Working with victims of sexual exploitation also endangers the lives of the intermediary, so one of the speakers, a sociologist and researcher who prefers not to appear in the photos, does not want to publish his real name. She spoke of her work on prostitution of women from Eastern countries in the neighborhood of El Raval. The work consisted of weekly trips to the two busiest streets of prostitutes: the streets of San Ramon and San Antonio de Barcelona.

The summary of the study that has made this sociologist, complains about everything: "the lack of an efficient protocol for intervention with victims, the lack of cooperation and coordination between law enforcement, the high demand for sexual services - to customers we care if the prostitutes come from the traffic or not and the vulnerability of women who are often victims of physical and mental abuse. "

The fear and isolation are characteristic of life of women forced into prostitution, which normally do not have identity documents or papers of any kind. This has been proven and Rives Clara Roura, head of the Highway Project, "which is a program of psychosocial care to women and sex workers in high Maresme area and region of the Forest. "The attendees," said Rives-going to their workplaces to offer services free. We contacted them and depends on the site: If working on the street, the social educator for and explains the program. On the road we have a brochure in several languages. We have had no reluctance.

Another issue is the different clubs: You have made a pact with local owners, specifying that the service is for women. "Of the eight local who visited last year only one of them, denied entry," The convinced of the necessity of using condoms and informing them about AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases. We offer health services, with complete confidentiality in the analytic. The serve in the most individualized possible. The objectives of the Road Program is to improve the quality of life of sex workers and empower this group. For them it is important to know they have a partner and that behind this one entity. In 2007 it made 12,259 contacts.

Jumat, 13 November 2009

Women's long career Healthier

career healthier

Scientists in England say married women who struggled with an active career and a home condition was much better than ordinary housewife.

In a study of British women born in 1946, scientists found those with a number of roles, such as career women and housewives, or a single parent while working are likely to have health conditions that are far better than those who merely just a mom's house stairs.

Women who have just one role in life as just a housewife or working woman who remained single general decline of health conditions are quite clear upon reaching middle age.

"The report says women who have two or more roles within a period long enough to have kept good health condition when he reached the age of 54 years," said Dr Anne McMunn of University College, London.

"Women tend to have careers health conditions are generally good because they combine career and family life," said McMunn.

McMunn and his team analyzed health reports from 2000 women in the age range 26 to 54 years and associated with weight loss. Besides also involve information on marital status, tenure and number of children they have, which are all published in the journal Epidemiology and Community Health.

The researchers found women who only do the role as a housewife most of her life have health conditions that are far from healthy standard, followed by a mother who only act as a single parent and the latter are those who do not have kids or stay single.

not actively working to make fat
Housewives tend to have more overweight and obesity rapidly with the level of the average highest around 38 percent, while the role of women as wives, mothers and career is very little overweight.

McMunn said the truth had been known for a long time that women who combine several roles in his life and career of family have a good health condition. But it is unclear whether they work and family because they are healthy or unhealthy because it combines the role of wife, mother and career as well. And this study is the first and still will continue to see which is more play.

"There could be a big profit or benefit provided for health for the long term with the ability to participate in the various fields of social life," said McMunn.

Senin, 09 November 2009

Balanced Career Woman

Balanced career woman

Career woman

Being a successful super woman undergoing a dual role as a career woman and always focus on the family is not easy. Moreover, for women in big cities like Jakarta, which the extraordinary traffic, other than the time required to share smart, super women are also obliged to continue to hone their skills so as not to miss. How to do tricks?

1. Determine what is important
Those who successfully make the balance are the ones who can make a priority so that the time and effort was spent in vain. Technological advances have made the work and personal life together, because that act selectively and do a time audit.

"Successful people can make a good schedule and remove unnecessary activities," said Henry Cloud, author of The One-Life Solution: Reclaim Your Personal Life While Achieving Greater Professional Success. In addition to the daily schedule at the office, also noted the daily schedule and all the little household affairs, so you can monitor, manage, and control what is done.

2. Couple that supports
Talk to your husband so that he gave his full support, as well as a place to share, a supportive husband is a husband who will share operational duties in the household. Carole-Lynn Glass, the mother of two children, one of whom suffered from cerebral palsy, was able to pursue his profession as a manager at the consulting firm. His success is supported by husbands who actively assist and flexible time from his office.

3. Affirmed the role of mother
According to Diane Halpern, professor of psychology and former chair of the American Psychological Association, there are still many women who think a good mother who had time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for the baby. And you need not quantity time together, but the quality. Make a definition of the ideal mother and execute that role wholeheartedly.

4. Create realistic expectations
In order to successfully perform a dual role, create realistic expectations in the office. They realized, in addition to a career, no housework, kids, and husband who need special attention. Therefore, make realistic career goals so that you do not run out of energy. Keep in mind, the higher the stress level of a job, the higher the stress level at home mom.

5. Create constraints
It is not easy to switch roles in a single day, from career woman by day into a housewife after work. One way is to focus on one thing only. For example when in the office do not even think of home affairs. When you arise in the child's sense of missed, call home to hear his voice and make sure your baby's fine. Similarly, if you have returned to the house, the biological role as mothers as well as possible.

Sabtu, 01 Agustus 2009

Children need the care of Mother

I agree with the observation that Mrs. T in our current culture of corruption increases the need for a mother to supervise the training of their children, with special attention. But the Church has not defined the role of wife and mother in terms of time: what a vocation means eternal and immutable.

children need the care of Mother

Everyone knows that in 1941 the customs were much less corrupt, especially in countries which were still Catholic. However, Pius XII was telling the woman at its fundamental and irreplaceable role in the formation of their children, and stressing the obligation of a great mother and do not neglect this with indifference. Today, these principles apply even more so.
In his address to the mothers, Pope Pius XII emphasized the importance of the early formation of the three aspects, mind, character and heart. (6) The mother's watchful eye on the physical and moral safety of their children, find a poor replacement, in my view, occupied by a paid employee in a nursery.

But the need for vigilance in fact increases as the child grows and enters adolescence. The Pontiff said:

"Then the mother Catholic must prepare their children so they can spend with unwavering step, as those who choose its path between the snakes, through this time of crisis and physical change, and go through it without losing anything from the joy of innocence, preserving intact the natural instincts of modesty, which Providence has given them as collateral for the capricious passion "(7). It also specifies the particular importance of the mother in training daughters:

"She prepares her daughters to know and understand the vocation of wife and mother. At the side of her mother, she learned their craft, care and duties of the household, and shared the care of their younger brothers and sisters, for Consequently, developing their gifts and abilities and train herself in the art of government from the family home "

Rabu, 15 Juli 2009

The Career Development

Large-scale recruitment of women would promote the career development

Superiors should be trained to recognize women's leadership ability in different career stages, and to encourage women to participate in leadership training. Director of posts filled, applicants for this comparison is done carefully and accurately analyze the management talent, instead of only the managerial experience pituutta.Muun through these methods provides the working group, which has been considering the career development of women in government.

Career is important
Career Womens

The working group has been looking for the most practical ways to make women's leadership in an increase in the state administration. The Working Group has modified the report to guide the government supervisors, whose role has a key role in, inter alia, when the stock of government service, or the rest of the possible future leaders. Job advertisements should explain what leadership skills in that task and for the interviews to design so that the wide-ranging knowledge and the type of work experience into account, the group guide.

Managers should explore the development discussions and knowledge-based surveys in connection with women to leadership posts. They could contribute to women's determination of the career planning by providing them with a more responsible and varied tasks, and opportunities for leadership experience kartuttamiseen.Työryhmä also recalls that the State Director of Policy in line with the foreman and expert careers variation should be promoted.

The committee considers it important that women's share of applicants and appointed in all central government leadership and management positions will also be monitored systematically. The most recent statistics, women's share of state managers is one-third and the share is growing. Owing top management training programs attended by two-thirds have been men, but middle management in long-term training programs in recent years has had more women than men. State "Future leaders" program, the first course is half women and half men.
Career of women

career development of women and women into the central government to contribute to senior management team as part of the government's gender program. The committee was to look for ways to increase women's share of applicants and appointed in all central government leadership and management positions.

Senin, 08 Juni 2009


Like men, women also often underestimate their own ability, especially in terms of career. Without realizing, this is ultimately harmful akan themselves. Try carefully, whether you are among the "hobby" menyabotase career of your own, gather with some of the mistakes women often done as below:

1. TOO LOW determine STANDARD

Women often serve a very low standard, so that eventually boomerang. Even with the ability to work very well also, they are often menempat-kan themselves too low. For example, Wati is a computer whiz, but reluctant to offer positions that are associated with that expertise. He prefers to sit at the table for example, administrative staff, rather than fill the position in the information technology.

2. How did not ask
Women are the creatures most like to request help. See, when the wrong way, they will be diligent to ask anyone who encountered them, while men prefer to try to find their own way. Strangely, when they are mencaripekerjaan women prefer a mouth gag. While the men even hooked on the story telling everyone that they're looking for a job.

3. Forgot merit list
Often women do not clearly explain their ability on the field that they geluti. Meanwhile, the men would often exaggerate the actual ability kuasai them only slightly. Remember, there is a clear distinction between perbedaaan do something more than that can not be done with the actual ability to write is your own

4. Pessimistic
Woman often does not learn the most of things. Meanwhile, the more motivated adam and almost always say "Yes, we are able." Not mean that men lie, lho. Optimism was indeed more important than what has been gained from experience. Which will you choose, a opimis or a pessimist?

5. MEMILIH passive
Choose from are only valid to call ahead for the relationship is not professional. Awaiting start dating a man is good, but if you are applying for a job or new clients mengincar middle, there's no one to call first, just to know the development of the next. This also shows how much enthusiasm and your interest in the field of work is.

Sometimes, saking enthusiasm, we do things very much at the interview. Indeed correct, at the time of the interview, the interviewer may want to know as much about you. However, you must clearly express your desire and ability on the job that you are interested.

7. Do not hesitate negotiate
Of course, companies that are currently open have a standard job and salary budget for new employees. But the possibility remains open for you to bid on the salary that you want. In fact, almost no companies that suddenly cancel your bid because candidates lowongannya only female employees to request a salary higher than that offered, is not it?

If you do not get the job, while you actually really want to work on a specific company or project, no one asks for an opportunity where you can work alias is not paid internships. This opportunity should be utilized to show your ability and you have bakatbakat.

9. Reasons NOT KNOW
What do you do when you failed to enter the new employee selection reception? If you have to do is call and find out the causes of failures, your step itusangat right. Most do not, you know you lack and excess, so it can better prepare themselves if an when the entrance test in other companies. So, each time after interviewed, to tell or ask the interviewer if you may know the reason for your failure.

10. Scared repeat FAILURE
Many of the women who often feel beaten when the interview failed, and even fear restart. In fact, repeat and failure-ngulang constantly remember exactly akan sharpen the skills you have entered the test work.
If you feel have made a mistake, learn from that mistake. But do not repeat the mistake-ngulang is only to blame themselves. If you're already doing the best, say the self you know you are doing the best

Duties as a housewife is not working. Such opinion is not correct, especially that living in the house as the mother can not be considered to improve as individuals. Did you know that most of the mothers who stay at home feel it is always to learn and increase knowledge? You should also be aware that the profession is also a mother actually double as a finance manager, as they must manage the household budget.

Jumat, 16 Januari 2009

Wanita Harus Lebih Mandiri

satu hal yang perlu kita ingat bahwa tiada kata terlambat buat kita seorang wanita untuk menembus kesuksesan di dunia modern ini. banyak hal yang harus kita lakukan dari sudut pandang apapun, wanita juga harus mengembangankan pemberdayaan perempuan harus penuh antusias. perempuan tidak boleh tunduk pada kata mengerah perempuan sekarang harus lebih sejahtera dengan wawasan pendidikan dan keterampilan yang baik.

Setiap wanita seharusnya mencintai karir yang bermutu dan bermanfaat bagi kesejahteraan, kehidupan dan penambahan wawasan. agar negara kita semakin maju dan terus berkembang dari tahun ketahun.

kita bisa melihat perempuan-perempuan di desa terkadang pasrah dengan kondisi ekonomi yang ada, padahal mereka seharusnya bisa menjadi lebih sejahtera apabila mereka memiliki keterampilan ntuk mengembangkan home industry.

dengan penuh rasa solidaritasi perempuan marilah kita saling membahu dan mensejahterakan masyarakat, utamanya kaum ibu rumah tangga yang fakum dan berdiam diri di rumah padahal banyak waktu luang yang terbuang begitu saja.

untuk itu marilah kita mengajak mereka untuk memulai.

kita berikan mereka training-training untuk itu (keterampilan) dan juga tambahan wawasan berwirausaha seperti jualan usaha, bisnis dll...yang nantinya kita akan bahas di blog ini.

belakangan ini memang ada kendala dalam pemberdayaan perempuan di negeri ini, kuatnya budaya patriarki sering menempatkan perempuan sebagai manusia kedua di dalam keluarga, itu adalah keliru jika hubungan antara laki-laki dan perempuan di dalam rumah tangga seperti hubungan antara majikan pembantu, perempuan tidak boleh passifr, perempuan harus mampu menghargai dirinya sendiri dengan memiliki peran yang berarti.

Apakah banyak perempuan yang memajang foto dan baliho untuk menjadi legislatif itu sebagai upaya mewujudkan peran tersebut??
"ya, sudah saatnya perempuan ikut andil untuk memikirkan kemajuan bangsa ini. tidak hanya laki-laki. idealnya perempuan harus ada di setiap lini pemerintahan agar dapat mengontrol program pemerintah terhadap pemberdayaan perempuan.